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Breathing Circle

Breathing Circle

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Living aquatic habitats are beautiful niches that brighten and make home spaces fresh and lively.
Incorporating water therapy artifacts in your home charges the surroundings by bringing out peace and tranquility thereby releasing positive energies in and around your ecosystem.
These units promote phytoremediation which is the ability of plants to remove and stabilize contaminants in water and soil.
The aquatic plant species require minimal maintenance and are ideal air purifiers because they are natural, they significantly increase the levels of oxygen and they are aesthetically pleasing.

About The Product:
This product contains three species of aquatic plants in a terracotta urli.
Dimensions: Height- 30cm, Diameter- 50cm

Species: Scirpus Lacustris, Hydrocleys nymphoides, Thalia Red Stem

The Bulrush is an elegant slender green reed with a pretty brown top that sways ever so gently when the wind blows. Back in the day, this plant was a key element in chair making and was sometimes used as a medicine for cancer treatment. The buds of the bulrush are crisp and sweet and are consumed raw in some cultures.
The Water Poppy is a lovely little floating plant that produces flowers during the entire summer season. Its three petaled yellow blooms are a favourite among bees so the area in which they are placed will be buzzing with life!
Thalia red stem is a beautiful ornamental plant that has tiny purple flowers that bloom in the summer months. Its distinctive red stems are a sight to see and throw emphasis on the majestic aura the plant exudes.

Plant specifications:
Bulrush can reach a maximum height of 8 feet and its flowering season is from June to August. It is rich in starch.
Water Poppies bloom when the temp is above 21 degrees C. Flowers bloom and perish on a daily basis so there is a fresh bloom that lasts for a single day.
Thalia Red Stem grows about 5 to 6 feet tall and has large oval leaves. It has tiny purple flowers that bloom during summer.

Bulrush does well in sunny and semi shaded areas. Light loamy soil.
The water poppy needs to be trimmed at least twice a year to avoid growth of weeds. Dead organic material needs to be removed regularly so that sunlight can penetrate through the water and the ecosystem is healthy.
Thalia Red Stem should be grown in full sunlight.
From time to time ensure that the urlis are filled with water especially if you have pets as the water is delicious and will leave your pet thoroughly quenched!

Mosquito control
Fish are a natural enemy of mosquitos and feed on mosquito larvae thereby keeping the aquatic microhabitat vicinity mosquito free.
We provide 5 local Kere meenu (river fish) guppies in a separate bag along with your urli. You may use them for mosquito controlling purposes or simply if you wish to enhance the biodiversity of your microhabitat.

Please ensure that the water is always filled to the brim of the urli so that the fish have plenty of room to swim and live a healthy life.
Fish food is not required as the fish feed on organic matter and rich nutrients available in the urli microhabitat.

For sale only in Bangalore. Transportation extra to be borne by the customer. Get in touch with us to order this product.
We will ensure that your Microhabitat is delivered to you with the utmost care. We deliver once every fortnight.

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