Our Organisation

Firefly Life Sciences, an affiliate of Connect Ventures, is engaged in sustainability and innovation in the fields of Regenerative Agriculture, Living Aquatic Systems, Clean Energy and Sustainable Landscaping.

Currently, the product and services you can avail at our online store are:

1. The Garden Care Kit - This kit is your helping hand for a healthy home garden. It comprises of 3 of Firefly’s organic agri-input formulations that provide holistic nutrition and pest protection for your plants.

2. The Water Nursery - Set up in Hunsur, Karnataka over 7 years ago, our Water Nursery houses over 200 aquatic and wetland plant species. Their unique adaptations make them suitable for a range of purposes - from constructed wetland systems that can purify effluents and wastewater, to using these plants for ornamental ponds, urlis and landscape designing. Order now to bring these stunning plants to your home or office space!

3. Sustainable Landscaping - As certified permaculture designers with years of experience in regenerative farming, we bring our expertise to urban settings with our Sustainable Landscaping services. Our designs seeks to combine aesthetics with sustainability to create beautiful, environmentally responsible outdoor spaces.

4. Shishi-Odoshi Water Features - Tailor-made and handcrafted, these unique Japanese-style water features have a soothing, minimal aesthetic that make them a perfect addition for any kind of indoor space!

5. Produce - Our produce is grown using regenerative practices that look at soil and water management holistically. This not only enhances the quality of our crop, but is also sustainable for the environment. Our produce is sourced from our own farms. Our citrus orchard called ‘The Forestry’ and our ‘Coconut Plantation’ are both located in Hunsur. Our permaculture coffee and pepper is grown on our ‘Yemmegundi Estate’ in Coorg.

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