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Firefly Life Science

Shanthi Sutanalli

Shanthi Sutanalli

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Living aquatic habitats are beautiful niches that brighten and make home spaces fresh and lively.
-Incorporating water therapy artifacts in your home charges the surroundings by bringing out peace and tranquility thereby releasing positive energies in and around your ecosystem.
-These units promote phytoremediation which is the ability of plants to remove and stabilize contaminants in water and soil.
-The aquatic plant species require minimal maintenance and are ideal air purifiers because they are natural, they significantly increase the levels of oxygen and they are aesthetically pleasing.

About the Product:
This product contains one aquatic plant species in a terracotta Urli.
Dimensions: Height- 13cm, Diameter- 30cm

Species: Bacopa monnieri

The Brahmi herb has been used since ancient times for its medicinal qualities in the Indian subcontinent. It has helped in relieving anxiety and stress, boosting memory, is rich in antioxidants and helps maintain the immune system. The leaves can be used in various recipes like chutneys or as a garnish for soups. Brahmi adds a touch of beauty with its tiny lavender flowers for your balcony, terrace or garden.

Plant specifications:
The plant has lavender flowers that bloom in June. The maximum length Bacopa can spread is up to 7ft. This carpet plant is easy to grow.

Bacopa requires minimum care. It thrives under sunlight but also does well in filtered or light shade. Its main requirement is evenly moist soil. Removing old flowers encourages new flowers to bloom. Any organic fertilizer will work for this plant.
From time to time ensure that the urlis are filled with water especially if you have pets as the water is delicious and will leave your pet thoroughly quenched!

For sale only in Bangalore. Transportation extra to be borne by the customer. Get in touch with us to order this product.

We will ensure that your Microhabitat is delivered to you with the utmost care. We deliver once every fortnight.

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